Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cold Cold Go Away

So I was hoping that I didn't get sick during pregnancy, besides the typical morning sickness, but my wishes didn't come true. At first I thought it was just allergies since I have had so many clients come in with allergy issues this year. But no...I ended up getting a cold. Have you ever had a cold where you weren't able to take anything for it. Let me just tell you it's horrible. I know that you can take Tylenol and some other over the counter drugs but I just didn't want to put anything into my body that I couldn't try to fight off on my own. Has anyone heard of a Neti-Pot before...that has been my new best friend. Except for at night when I am so plugged up I can't use it. Also taking lots of Vitamin C and of course my packet of prenatals. But I think the worst part of being sick when I'm pregnant is that I have to drink lots of fluids and have to go to the bathroom so much that every time I sneeze I have to cross my legs and hope I don't pee my pants. haha Sounds kind of funny but when you have a baby resting on your bladder you never know what's going to happen! Aron has taken good care of me when he can. Work kind of gets in the way. :) He did make me some yummy chicken noodle and veggie soup last night. I hope the cold season has stayed away from your homes and that you can go outside and enjoy the spring.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

22 1/2 Weeks

Hey Everyone! Here's a new belly picture. It's getting a little bigger but I've been working out a lot more so it doesn't get too big. ;) I hope you are all enjoying your spring.